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There is now evidence that proves that between 16 per cent to 20 per cent of online reviews might be fake. Fake online reviews could be reviews in favour of a company or against it. If they are against it, they are likely to be defamatory and this is where we can help as a specialist internet law defamation law firm .

UK defamation law can be rather helpful when it comes to identifying and/or removing online defamation from the internet. Legal advice on defamatory reviews will include advice on identifying, removing and then prosecuting those who are responsible for the publication of fake or defamatory reviews.

However, you are most likely to benefit from the support of an expert social media defamation solicitor if you want to remove a defamatory review without the need to obtain court orders.
Most Lawyers, particularly defamation solicitors and social media lawyers, are very well trained in spotting a lie.  Investigating evidence and finding inconsistencies is what social media lawyers do day and day out.  At my law firm, Cohen Davis, we can normally tell straight away when we see a fake review. All that is then left for our internet lawyers to do is to find the evidence. 

For example, some fake reviews are posted by or on behalf of business owners who suffer from weak reputation. Our defamation lawyers have found evidence that those types of business owners will either fake positive reviews about their own business or a negative review about their competitors. Often they do a bit of both.  This is why for example, when our social media solicitors assess negative reviews for authenticity, they always consider suspected fraudulent negative reviews against positive reviews for the competition.

Another bit of evidence our social media lawyers will look for is whether the suspected fake review stands out as being more extreme than the average industry review, both in terms of language and volume. 
We will also look for both consistencies and inconsistencies with the use of language across the internet to try and find other articles or reviews that were written by the same person who posted the suspected fake review. We will look at their Facebook and Linked-in pages and at any other online publications and accounts for evidence of a particular style of writing.

Once we have gathered enough evidence we will confront the offender and offer them to remove the defamatory reviews from the internet before we proceed to obtain a formal court order that will not only name and shame them but that will also cost them big money in legal costs and in damages for defamation.

This strategy of removing defamation from the internet has resulted in high success rate with mover 90% of the defamatory reviews removed by the authors or by the internet service providers without the need for our clients to start formal legal proceedings.
Find out more about how our internet law defamation lawyers can help your organisation to clear the internet of defamatory online reviews by visiting the Internet Law Centre website.

These days, reviews of a business on an online review website can make or break a company, whether the review is genuine or not.  

Whilst some reviews are completely made up, primarily by the competition, other reviewers often provide 
a narrow point of view coupled with truthful elements which are coated with plenty of exaggeration and self-serving interpretation. 
I once removed from Trip Advisor 3 reviews about a hotel in Australia (written by different members of 
the same family). The reviews effectively stated that the bed sheets supplied by a hotel were ‘stained with blood’.

PictureCease and desist letters
A cease and desist letter is a letter that warns the website owner or the internet service provider of pending legal action, which may be avoided by their compliance with the terms of the letter. 

If you were the party who writes the cease and desist letter, you will probably want your letter to be as effective as it can possibly be because it is of course in your interest too to have a an online review or a comment removed from the internet as soon as possible.  To achieve this, you will want to...